AIP Foundation shares on how to use evidence-based approach to promote policy changes for safe school zones

June 20, 2023

Cordoba, Spain – June 20-22, 2023

The AIP Foundation Executive Management team was delighted to attend the FIA Conference 2023 hosted in Cordoba, Spain. Mr. Greig Craft, AIP Foundation Founder and President, and FIA Region II President, Mirjam Sidik, AIP Foundation CEO, and Jimmy Tang, AIP Foundation Chief of Staff, joined FIA Member’s Club Presidents, senior executives representing FIA-affiliated organizations, and global leaders for the conference over a four-day period.

Advocating for Slow Zones, Safe Zones across schools in Vietnam

The 2023 edition of the Conference focused on “Accelerating Change: Member Driven, Knowledge-led Transformation.” Mirjam Sidik presented the successful interventions of the Slow Zones, Safe Zones program, which has become AIP Foundation’s model program and model city for green, safe, and sustainable mobility in Vietnam.

Two of the key takeaways of the presentation were that it is important to create a thorough Monitoring & Evaluation framework at the start of the project to ensure all relevant data is being collected and the importance of data dissemination when advocating for policy change. The Slow Zones, Safe Zones project data was published nationally and internationally, and the project has received a lot of acknowledgment for its success which has very likely accelerated the policy change in Vietnam.

The presentation took place in the session titled, ‘Sustainable Mobility for All – A Data-Driven Advocacy Approach to Promote Policy Change.’ The co-presenters on the same panel included representatives from the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), the Automobile Associations of Singapore, Canada, Colombia, and Spain, as well as Siemens company.

Accelerating change with key stakeholders from around the world

Hosted by Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE), the City of Cordoba, and the Region of Andalusia as well the Real Federación Española de Automovilismo (RFEDA) and the Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya (RACC), 301 delegates attended in person, with 154 attending online, representing 125 countries and 54 speakers. This year, the FIA World Council and FIA Senate were honored to have an audience with His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain, who visited the annual FIA Conference at the Palacio de Congresos in Cordoba to discuss the future of mobility.

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