AIP Foundation recognized by provincial government for road safety contributions in Gia Lai

November 21, 2018

Founder and President Greig Craft receives award from Gia Lai Provincial Government

The People’s Committee of Gia Lai presented AIP Foundation Founder and President, Greig Craft, and Vietnam National Program Manager, Phuong Dinh, an award for AIP Foundation’s valuable road safety work in Gia Lai Province at a conference celebrating foreign NGOs contributions to the province. AIP Foundation has been promoting road safety in Gia Lai since 2015 through programs such as Helmets for Kids and Slow Zone, Safe Zone, which focus on child helmet use and speed reduction in high risk areas around primary schools in the region. Mr. Craft lauded the People’s Committee of Gia Lai and the provincial Traffic Safety Committee for their support of child road safety programs in the province. Mr. Craft also signed a commemorative document from the People’s Committee of Gia Lai to celebrate the work of the Slow Zone, Safe Zone project in 2018.

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