AIP Foundation publishes Annual Report, reflects on 2017’s progress toward saving lives

March 9, 2018

AIP Foundation’s 2017 Annual Report reflects on progress toward saving lives.
AIP Foundation’s 2017 Annual Report reflects on progress toward saving lives.

In 2017, we celebrated our 18th year of saving lives in low- and middle-income countries. Our diverse programs – ranging from advocating on behalf of garment and footwear factory workers and educating underserved ethnic minority communities, to empowering university students to act as ambassadors for their peers – spanned five countries. We distributed 25,572 quality helmets during the 2016-2017 school year, and worked with more than 206,000 students, teachers, and parents. Activities across our program countries last year generated more than 361 online pieces, 340 pieces of radio coverage, 69 TV spots, and 68 articles in newspapers and magazines.

Our staff – who work in Cambodia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam – collaborated with fellow industry experts at international conferences and meetings in 13 countries. Our PSA video in Thailand has received over 1.1 million views and was selected for screening at the APHA Global Public Health Film Festival in the U.S. And to mark the historic occasion of the 10 year anniversary of Vietnam’s national helmet law, we jointly published a report with the FIA Foundation, HEAD FIRST: A case study on Vietnam’s motorcycle helmet campaign.

But, that’s not all we were able to accomplish. Read our freshly published 2017 Annual Report for more on our progress toward reducing road crash deaths and injuries in some of the world’s most at-risk communities.

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