AIP Foundation participates in the Global Road Safety Leadership Course 2024

May 7, 2024

BALTIMORE, USA – May 7-19, 2024 

This year, the Global Road Safety Leadership Course took place between 7th – 19th May. Phong Le, Country Manager for Vietnam and Mai Tran, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator at AIP Foundation, were delighted to attend.  In total, sixty-one participants from 20 countries joined the 2024 Global Road Safety Leadership Course this month.

The course aims to build leadership capacity to design, advocate for, and implement effective road safety programs and policies. With a focus on key leadership principles, the GRSLC explores topics centered on the key areas of focus of the 2nd Decade of Action for Road Safety, covering topic areas including:

– The road trauma problem: an overview of the global burden
– Road safety risk factors
– The role of road policing in road safety
– Post-crash response: measurement, data, and case studies
– Urban design for road safety
– Safer vehicles and road safety

“The course’s standout feature lies in its diverse array of speakers hailing from academia, research, international organizations, law enforcement, and government agencies, offering practical insights from global projects and experiences. A notable highlight for me was the crash test activity where we witnessed a 64km/hour car crash which provided firsthand understanding of the importance of speed control and vehicle safety,” shares Phong Le, Country Manager for Vietnam at AIP Foundation.

Mai Tran, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator at AIP Foundation shared the following about her GRSLC experience, “This course has broadened my horizons in the field of road safety. I came into this course with a basic understanding of road safety, but I am leaving with a nuanced comprehension, a newfound confidence in my abilities, and a big motivation to continue exploring and growing in this field. Through the course, I also learned that effective teamwork is about leveraging each member’s unique strengths, fostering open communication, and collaboratively problem-solving to achieve a common goal.”

More about the Global Road Safety Leadership Courses from GRSP

The Global Road Safety Leadership Courses are a suite of courses developed and delivered by the Global Road Safety Partnership, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University’s International Injury Research Unit (JH-IIRU). These courses are made possible through the generous support of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Since its inception in 2016, the GRSLC has trained more than 824 participants from 71 countries worldwide. Course delivery across the in-person and online iterations has included input from a range of key road safety organisations and national and city representatives specialising in road safety including the World Health Organization, Towards Zero Foundation, World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, Global Designing Cities Initiative, World Resources Institute, Vital Strategies and the Global Health Advocacy Incubator.

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