AIP Foundation organizes traffic safety lessons for the first time in Nghe An Province

May 26, 2019

Police and parents demonstrate motorcycle safety to students.

AIP Foundation coordinated with the People’s Police Academy to organize four traffic safety lessons for 100 students of Tien Phong A Primary School in Me Linh, Hanoi and 100 students of Vo Liet Primary School in Thanh Chuong, Nghe An Province. Approximately 60 parents also participated in the program. This marks the first time that AIP Foundation has worked with students in Nghe An Province.

During the lessons, students learned how to identify safety standards of a high quality helmet and differentiate them from poor quality helmets. Additionally, police taught students how to choose suitable bicycles for their ages and how to check the brakes on bicycles.

Road safety games involving traffic sign identification were also played as a way of reinforcing lessons learned. Parents at the lessons also learned how to safely drive with their children on motorcycles.

View more pictures from the traffic safety lessons here.

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