AIP Foundation organizes a safe walking parade to celebrate the Walk Wise phase 4 launch

October 16, 2015

Students together with the Walk Wise panda mascot promote pedestrian safety during the walking parade

AIP Foundation together with Kai county Education Committee, Kai Youth League, and sponsored by Chevron, organized a Walk Wise Phase 4 Launch ceremony at the beautiful Hanfeng Lake, Kai County, Chongqing in China. This is the fourth year Chevron has supported Walk Wise. Kai county Patrol Police, Kai Women’s Federation, and KCCO also supported the ceremony. The event aimed to educate the community and encourage everyone to be a responsible pedestrian.

At the ceremony, 20 primary school principals and safety directors took part along with students, parents and members from five communities. A walking path was set up where people could learn pedestrian and helmet safety knowledge, and play road safety activities. Students, together with our Walk Wise panda mascot studied the five steps of crossing a road: stop, look, listen, think, and walk.

More than 370 people took part in the ceremony. All of them signed the #SaveKidsLives pledge. Students from Hanfeng No.5 Primary School performed a dance on road safety. After the walk, all the principals, school safety directors, and officials attended the stakeholder meeting at Hanfeng No.9 Primary School to share and communicate road safety education and their Walk Wise project experience. At the meeting, AIP Foundation introduced the main findings of the Walk Wise phase 3 evaluations and Hanfeng No.9 Primary School gave a report about Walk Wise and School Safety Management.

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