AIP Foundation leads discussion on motorcycle crash data collection at 12th Annual ATRANS Conference

August 21, 2019

The International Association of Traffic Safety and Sciences Forum (IATSS), invited AIP Foundation CEO, Mirjam Sidik, to the 12th Annual Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS) Conference, where she delivered a presentation on the importance of motorcycle crash data collection. This year, the conference took place at the Chatriam Hotel Riverside in Bangkok, Thailand, from August 21-23 under the theme of “Transportation for A Better Life: Smart Mobility for Now and Then.”

Ms. Sidik presented on the importance of motorcycle crash data for understanding injury trends, identifying risk factors, facilitating objective decision-making about resource allocation, and designing and monitoring effective countermeasures. Ms. Sidik also demonstrated how data has the potential to support lawmakers in setting targets, developing road safety action plans, winning public support for safer roads, and illustrating the magnitude of the road injury crisis, particularly in the face of competing social and economic issues.

Using examples of effectively designed countermeasures in Cambodia and Vietnam, Ms. Sidik also shared AIP Foundation’s innovations in data collection which effectively contributed to behavior change, and promoted a reduction in road fatalities.

Other panelists also addressed a number of topics of interest, such as transport infrastructure and management, transport planning, traffic and transport modeling, intelligent transport systems, and energy and environment in the transport sector. Other presentations included discussions on land use development, sustainable transportation, and other issues such as logistics and disasters as related to transport.

The ATRANS Conference urges young researchers and students, regardless of nationality, to join and benefit from cultural and information exchange. The conference was organized with the support of the IATSS Forum, a leadership training institute in Japan for young professionals in Asian countries, with an aim to develop Asia’s next-generation leaders. The IATSS Forum provides opportunities for participants to understand each other’s countries through seminars, field studies, group study, and cultural exchanges, as well as the chance to solve current issues in Asia and Japan, under the motto “Thinking and Learning Together.”

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