AIP Foundation launches the results of the Feasibility Study providing practical solutions to address dangerous garment and footwear factory transport in Cambodia

October 1, 2021

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – October 1, 2021

As a breadwinner for your family, your goal is to make sure they are always fully cared for. However, no one should be forced to risk their lives to serve warm food at the table. This is the reality more than 700,000 factory workers face every day in Cambodia. Road crashes do not only impact the lives of workers, but also the lives of the 2 million family members they support.

In April 2021, AIP Foundation, with support from VF Corporation, officially launched the Feasibility Study for the Prevention & Participation (P&P) program with the Centre for Policy Studies. The Feasibility Study aimed to examine and identify best methods and practices to transition from unsafe collective transport to safer alternatives thereby saving lives.

We were delighted to announce the virtual consultative meeting on ‘the Results of the Feasibility Study on the options to facilitate the transition to safer passenger (factory workers) transport vehicles’ which was held on October 1st, 2021. This consultative meeting aimed:

• to present and gather feedback on the results of and recommendations from the feasibility study;
• to discuss the challenges and opportunities in implementing the recommendations from the feasibility study, in particular, seeking the possibility to transition from flatbed cargo trucks to safer vehicles (van/bus/minibus or at least proper seats.) for factory workers;
• to identify the priority which is in line with the government’s plan for transitioning to safer vehicles;
• to explore funding sources to support the options to transition to safer vehicles.

Representatives from the National Road Safety Committee, Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training-National Social Security Fund, Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Finance, the General Commissariat of National Police, and government bodies from sub-national level, industrial stakeholders, civil society organizations, were in attendance.

“The Consultative meeting will engage both stakeholders and road safety leaders to provide experienced advice and practical solutions. The results of the Feasibility study mark a milestone in safeguarding the lives of factory workers who commute daily,” shared Mr. Kim Pagna, AIP Foundation Country Director in Cambodia.

Mr. William Conklin, Solidary Center Cambodia Country Program Director shared, “this meeting is pivotal, as it brings together multi-sector experience and interest in addressing systemic transport issues, including creating safer vehicles, affecting Cambodia’s many factory workers”. AIP Foundation and VF Corporation will use the results of the study and the solutions and improvements drawn from the consultative meeting to implement strategies and activities moving forward.

“The results of the Feasibility Study represent a new opportunity for real life-saving change on the ground by transitioning to safer vehicles for vulnerable road users”, said Graham Cronshaw, VF Corporation Country Director in Cambodia.

AIP Foundation, VF Corporation, Solidary Center and, Centre for Policy Studies, also warmly welcomed the attendance of representatives from the private sector, development partners, trade unions and driver associations, garment and footwear brands and factory management staff and the Road Safety Working Groups.

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