AIP Foundation joins VTV9 live talk-show on child helmet use

September 22, 2012

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AIP Foundation’s Vietnam Program Manager Nguyen Dieu Nuong joined a 40-minute talk show on VTV9 focusing on the child helmet situation in Vietnam and police enforcement during the last quarter of 2012. The other guests were Mr.Tran Khac Huy, Head of the Division of Student Affairs at the Department of Education and Training, and Mr.Nguyen Huu Tai, Deputy Unit Commander of Strategy for the Traffic Police (PC67). Participants discussed traffic safety topics that are of concern to the public, such as child helmet use and distinguishing between fake and real helmets. The reporter focused especially on AIP’s activities and progress in Vietnam.

The program was broadcast live on September 22 and will air again at 7:55 am on Monday, 24 September.

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