AIP Foundation joins DDPM to prevent crash surge during Thai festivities

August 20, 2012

AIP Foundation booth 2-a013fe63

Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) called concerned parties, including AIP Foundation, together on Friday, August 17 to brainstorm preventable measures against an increase in road accidents during festival holidays in Thailand, such as the New Year and Songkran. In 2011, there were 6,712 accidents during these two festivals combined, resulting in 629 deaths and 7,226 injuries.

The event took place at Sakaew School, Muang District, Sakaew Province and was attended by over 1,000 guests including representatives from DDPM, Local Rescuer Clubs, Department of Land Transport, Road Accident Victims Protection Co., Ltd., Accident Prevention Network under Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Thai Motorcycle Enterprise Association as well as teachers, students, and citizen road users.

AIP Foundation exhibited a booth on its campaign activities in Eastern Thailand, featuring games and teaching tools, which drew attention from many teachers and students. The display also included AIP Foundation public service announcements “Children also need a helmet.” and “Always Care. Always Wear a Helmet.” which DDPM hopes to show at their events throughout Thailand.

Following visits to booths of road safety stakeholders, Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Thanit Thienthong delivered the opening remarks and Deputy Governor of Sakaew addressed the participants. After the ceremony, 700 motorcycles joined a convoy to promote the government’s campaign for 100% helmet wearing by 2020.

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