AIP Foundation Founder and President speaks up for millions affected by the global road safety crisis

July 6, 2021

STUTTGART, Germany – July 6, 2021

Mr. Greig Craft, Founder and President of AIP Foundation, an international road safety non-profit organization kicks off Purpose Day – Road Safety, hosted by Mercedes-Benz and World Economic Forum, with a keynote speech.

Mr. Craft began his speech by humanizing road safety, highlighting how this issue has been treated in isolation for far too long. He asked stakeholders to question why this global road crisis hasn’t been treated with the same urgency as COVID-19 despite the millions in fatalities and injuries vulnerable communities face each year. “We have the resources available. We have extensive research published. And we have several road safety ‘vaccines’ available to mitigate this hidden epidemic,” shared Mr. Craft. He went on to conclude that we must act now, not later.

As part of their ongoing commitment to increasing road safety, Mercedes-Benz Urban Mobility Solutions and World Economic Forum collaborated on delivering an invite-only, closed event, where stakeholders from different sectors of the transport industry gathered to contribute to a global vision of zero traffic fatalities.

To watch Mr. Greig Craft’s keynote speech please click here.

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