AIP Foundation Founder and President Greig Craft shares knowledge and experience with young student leaders at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

September 26, 2022

HANOI, Vietnam – September 26, 2022 

AIP Foundation Founder and President, Greig Craft was honored to hold a guest lecture at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV), an integral part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hanoi. Greig Craft attended at the invitation of Md. Le Thu Mach, lecturer of the Fundraising department at the DAV. Previously, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tony Blair, had been invited to address the students. 

Greig shared his in-depth experience as President and Founder of AIP Foundation and Protec to over 50 students on how to call for sponsorships, and how to work with international donors, and shared his expert knowledge on how to mobilize resources for good causes, including his adoption of “Miracle Baby” Thien Nhan. The new born was abandoned at birth and mauled by wild animals who destroyed his genitals and leg. From there, the Genital Reconstruction for Children program was established and 560 young boys and girls have received life changing surgeries since 2014. He spoke to students as part of their Fundraising and Sponsorships unit from the Department of Communications.

During his guest lecture, Greig told the story behind the formation of AIP Foundation and the Protec social enterprise factory, which produces helmets for vulnerable road users, as well as raising awareness of the life-saving importance of quality helmet use. Through lively and engaging discussions with the students, they learned practical skills about fundraising and working with international organizations, preparing them for their own bright future in this field. 

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