AIP Foundation facilitates capacity building workshops for Gia Lai traffic police

December 7, 2018

Gia Lai traffic police officers at the capacity building workshop

AIP Foundation conducted capacity building workshops for traffic police officers in Gia Lai province to improve protection of children and improve child road safety, especially around school zones in the province.

57 traffic police officers and international road safety consultants from New Zealand and The People’s Police Academy came together to review the Slow Zone Safe Zone project as well as to reinforce knowledge of key road safety principles. During the two-day training, the officers learned more about better enforcement and checkpoint patrols; speed and restraints; and strategies to improve child safety outside schools and around school zones.

After the training, Gia Lai traffic police will apply knowledge learned in the training workshops for better road policing and better handling of speed violations to improve child road safety in and around school zones in the program area.

View more photos from the training here.

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