AIP Foundation discusses year-end Helmets for Families successes

July 17, 2014

14663228039_3225592329A year-end meeting took place this month to present achievements, challenges, solutions, and lessons learned from the Helmets for Families project in Vietnam. The meeting took place between AIP Foundation, local authorities, and representatives from the program schools supported by Abbott Laboratories.

Similar to the Helmets for Kids program, Helmets for Families adds a new element that focuses on parents with the goal of changing parent behavior on standard helmets and helmet use.

Prior to the Helmets for Families program, the average helmet use rate among students across the four target schools was only 27 percent, with 81 percent of those wearing sub-standard, low-quality helmets. After program implementation, this rate increased significantly to approximately 84 percent of students wearing helmets, all of which are standard-quality.

In addition, AIP Foundation conducted pre- and post-intervention parent surveys. Results indicate that correct knowledge of standard helmet use increased from 18.5 percent to 62 percent after parent training.

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