AIP Foundation discusses road safety issues on Bangladeshi national television programs

August 8, 2018

AIP Foundation's Ratana Winther on "Light and Lens."
AIP Foundation’s Ratana Winther on “Light and Lens.”

In the week following the deaths of two students in Dhaka, Bangladesh who were killed by a bus driver racing to collect passengers, unprecedented student protests and international backlash were at the center of the country’s headlines. AIP Foundation Thailand Chairperson Ratana H. Winther was interviewed on two national television programs regarding these events, the global road safety crisis, and how the world, and specifically Bangladesh, can address the challenges.

On July 30th, Ratana was interviewed on NTV’s “Frankly Speaking” where she discussed the recent tragic accident where hundreds were also injured and shared information about AIP programs and activities. Additionally, she also discussed the root causes of road traffic accidents and how the country could address them. She highlighted political will and safer system implementations as key factors toward making road safety improvements as demonstrated in some countries successfully tackling road traffic problems.

On August 8th, Ratana was on “Light and Lens’” on UNB Channel where she was asked to comment on the unprecedented student protests in Dhaka demanding road safety measures and accountability from the government. Ratana emphasized the approach of shared responsibility and leadership of the government as ways of implementing road safety measures. They also discussed road safety problems on a global scale and those specifically relevant to Bangladesh.

Watch the full “Frankly Speaking” interview here.

Watch the full “Light and Lens” interview here.

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