50,000 Kai County students celebrate China’s 3rd National Traffic Safety Day with Walking School Bus

December 2, 2014

walking bus 12
Students from Qili Primary School in Kai County, China, along with AIP Foundation and Chevron staff, participate in a Walking School Bus to increase pedestrian safety awareness on National Road Safety Day

On December 2, all 37 primary schools of AIP Foundation’s Walk Wise schools in Kai County, China took part in pedestrian safety activities to celebrate China’s 3rd National Traffic Safety Day. Together with Chevron, AIP Foundation organized the highly successful Walking School Bus for schools.

The Walking School Bus increases community awareness of pedestrian safety and helps to ensure children get to and from school safely. Nearly 50,000 students, 2,000 teachers, 1,200 parents, and 120 ​ Traffic ​Policemen took part in the Walking School Bus activities.

Jim Chambers, the head of Chuandongbei (CDB) Gaoqiao field office told students,  “It’s the time for safety; it’s the time to be careful. You are the future of China, when you walk home be careful.”

Director Guo from Kaixian Guojia Police Office expressed, “I hope every kid can put on the reflective yellow caps sent by the Walk Wise program and walk at the side of the road. I hope the parents can hold the hands of the kids while walking in the traffic.”

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