AIP Foundation attends national road safety task force meeting, shares ongoing program updates

July 19, 2018

Members of the Thai Ministry of Transport's task force gather for the second meeting on motorcycle-related crashes.
Members of the Thai Ministry of Transport’s task force gather for the second meeting on motorcycle-related crashes.

AIP Foundation Thailand attended the second meeting of the Ministry of Transport’s task force on motorcycle-related crashes at the Ministry of Transport, Bangkok. At the meeting, Oratai Junsuwanaruk of AIP Foundation was asked to share the organization’s expectations and discuss relevant AIP Foundation programs on two- and three-wheeler safety, including Safety Delivered and the Legal Development Program (LDP).

Safety Delivered is a two-year program being implemented in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, with support from The UPS Foundation.The program aims to reach 15 million direct and indirect beneficiaries and increase child helmet use while also focusing on improving distracted driving behaviors amongst young, inexperienced motorcyclists.

LDP Thailand is a collaboration between AIP Foundation and the World Health Organization aiming to reduce road injuries and fatalities through legislative improvements. LDP is supported by the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety. The program’s focus areas include reducing speed limits in urban areas, child restraints, and improving safety standards for public transportation and two- and three-wheelers.

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