AIP Foundation and Thai DENSO Group host extracurricular activities through Helmets for Kids

February 16, 2016

Students proudly display their artwork after completing road safety activities.

AIP Foundation with Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center #14 in Udon Thani held extracurricular activities for Helmets for Kids project schools during 16 – 18 February 2016 at Baan Na Kham Luang School, Baan Men School, Baan Nong Nok Kian School, Nongsamrong Wittaya School, Chumchon Nakwang School, and Chum Chon Moo Mon Wittayasan School, respectively.

The activities focused on strengthening the knowledge of road safety and proper helmet use among the students who were given helmets as part of a donation ceremony last month. These activities help maintain and improve helmet use rates and keep students and their parents engaged in road safety throughout the year.

The helmet use rates across the six project schools saw a sharp positive climb as a result of the Helmets for Kids intervention. From an initial rate of 0%, the rate of helmet use rose to an impressive 91% directly following the kick-off ceremony. That rate dipped only slightly in following observations, when the rate was recorded at 89%, showing the significant behavioral changes possible with AIP Foundation’s programming.

Browse photos from the event here.

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