AIP Foundation and MOET launch school guidelines on child helmet use

September 12, 2015

Representatives from Vinh University, Nghe An, MoET, Honda, C67, NTSC, DoET, AIP Foundation, and 1,000 students attended the launch of Traffic Safety month

School guidelines on child helmet use developed by the MOET and AIP Foundation were promulgated during the launch of the 2015 Traffic Safety month lead by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and in collaboration with the National Traffic Safety Committee, C67 traffic police, Honda, AIP Foundation, and five Provincial Departments of Education and Training (DoET) in the North Central region.

The guidelines are aimed to help school administrators and teachers to plan and organize extracurricular activities in education and to encourage helmet use. At the ceremony, held at Vinh University, Nghe An, a Representative of the five DoETs in the North Central region signed an agreement with the MoET to implement the objectives of ensuring road safety and enhancing child helmet use in schools.

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