Advocating for a people-centered approach to sustainable mobility at the Roads&Traffic Expo 2022 in Thailand

October 27, 2022

BANGKOK, Thailand – October 26-27, 2022 

As we embark upon the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021 -2030, we know that people are the center of the journey to achieve sustainable and livable cities around the world. In Thailand, the AIP Foundation team joined the Roads&Traffic Expo 2022 with like-minded individuals to learn more about exciting new ventures in smart cities and mobility. 

This Expo truly put the voices of the people at the center as it hosted a wide array of presentations, panels, and keynote speeches from people all across the mobility sector.  Delegates and attendees were able to choose the topics that they wanted to explore further. 

As we continue our work towards achieving a sustainable future, we found the sessions on smart cities, particularly engaging. We gained deep insight from the extensive knowledge sharing on the development of a smart city and how we can implement mobility on demand and mobility as a service to provide safe transport for all. During the ‘Smart people for smarter traffic’ presentation hosted by the Thai Aviation Service, there was an in-depth discussion on the human factors in ensuring smarter traffic in our cities. 

With the targets of the Global Plan in mind, we were delighted to learn more about how the Government in Thailand is committed to solving the global road safety crisis. At the panel on improving road safety infrastructure in Thailand, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Health, and the Accident Prevention Network spoke about the importance of road safety education and empowering youth to achieve safety goals across the country.

Amélie Huynh Le Maux, Communications Manager at AIP Foundation, presented ‘By people & For People’ discussing civil society and especially youth engagement for sustainable mobility and sharing our experience working in Asia. 

 More about the Roads&Traffic Expo Thailand 2022

The Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand 2022 was one of Thailand’s road transportation & infrastructure events. The Roads & Traffic Expo saw over 60 exhibitors, 100 free-to-attend conference sessions, and 1,500 attendees over the two days. 

Covering 5 key themes: Smart City, Tunnels & Bridges, Smart Traffic, Road Construction, and Road Safety & Monitoring, The Roads & Traffic Expo Thailand 2022  is a meeting place for the road transport ecosystem in Thailand as the country invests heavily in its roads and transportation infrastructure.

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