A worldwide movement with a united message: Celebrating the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week 2023 in Songkhla province, Thailand

May 19, 2023

SONGKHLA, Thailand – May 19, 2023

The United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2023 (UNGRSW) forms part of a worldwide movement mobilizing people across the world to advocate for safe mobility. This 7th edition of the global campaign, under the theme of #RethinkMobility, focuses on sustainable transport, in particular, the need to shift to cycling, walking, and using public transport.

Secondary school students under the Secondary Education Service Area Office, Songkhla Satun, Thailand, are joining the international community not only in demanding #StreetsForLife but also urging decision-makers to #RethinkMobility. This 7th UNGRSW is an opportunity for the world and, most importantly, for youth to call on policymakers at local and national levels around the globe to act for safe and sustainable mobility for all to ensure that they have a safer future.

Celebrating the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week 2023

Every day students at Nawaminthara Chuthit Thaksin School face the dangers of the two main roads that they must travel on to arrive at school. Observations by the school show that less than 50% of students wear helmets when traveling and that economic circumstances mean that many students travel with three people or more on one family motorcycle. To raise awareness and build capacity on road safety, the school is hosting a Road Safety Week culminating in a Road Safety Day celebration on Friday.

“Every school should be a safe place where the students are taken care of, and the campaign on safe mobility this year showcases how seriously various agencies are working on this matter to improve student safety. Because every life is precious. Maintaining the law when driving is therefore showing social responsibility for all. We must all take action on this,” shares Mr. Kitphum Kongsree, School Principal.

100 volunteer students will be present at the event to lead road safety activities. The students form part of the Student Council and will be responsible for delivering the key messages of safe mobility to their peers and community. Throughout the day, students will participate in a learning checkpoint station, learn essential road safety skills and pledge their support to the UNGRSW 2023 campaign. The Road Safety Day presents a unique opportunity for students to advocate for safe mobility directly to the decision-makers.

Our government partners, the Secondary Education Service Area Office, Songkhla, Satun, will be there to promote their provincial campaign “Ride safe,” “Wear a helmet,” and “Don’t let three people sit together on the same motorbike.” Under this campaign, the local government is hosting a competition for students. The competition aims to put students’ voices at the center of advocating for safer mobility.

As part of the competition, students are encouraged to identify risks in their school area. Once identified, they will contribute to the solution with creative ideas as part of the provincial road safety campaign. The campaign is based on the current problems that youth face today, encouraging them to find solutions. The Road Safety Day provides an opportunity for students to speak directly with decision-makers, allowing them to be agents of change.

Let’s #RethinkMobility together!

In order to impact lasting change, we must work together. AIP Foundation is delighted to welcome Senior members from Chevron, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, the Ministry of Interior (DDPM), the Provincial Land Transport Office, and the Department of Highways. Everyone plays an instrumental part in ensuring safe mobility is accessible to all in Songkhla.

“Road crashes are preventable, and youth in our province have the power to make a difference. Today is an opportunity to not only advocate for safe and sustainable mobility but to pledge our commitment to shift to safer modes of transportation in our communities across Songkhla,” shares Mr. Prasit Nookung from the Secondary Education Service Area Office, Songkhla, Satun.

Safer mobility with the Chevron Street Wise program in Thailand

Chevron Thailand has partnered with AIP Foundation since 2014 to implement the Chevron Street Wise program to create a safer environment for road users – especially young children – through education, awareness-raising, as well as stakeholders and community engagement. The project has benefited over 30,000 children, parents, teachers, and community members who have demonstrated improved road safety knowledge and skills throughout its implementation.

The Chevron Street Wise program is inherently aligned with the Global Plan as part of the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021 – 2030 and Thailand’s National Road Safety plan. At the core of this program, all activities engage our youth to be a part of the solution to empower their community to be safer road users, thus giving them access to safe mobility.

“Chevron is proud to partner with AIP Foundation and work with local government partners to ensure that students have safe access to their education. It is our duty to empower the younger generation to raise their voices for safe mobility in their communities.” shares Ms. Pornsuree Konanta, Vice President, Corporate Affairs from Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd.

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