A traffic safety camp for children in HCMC’s District 9 kicks off the National Year of Traffic Safety

April 20, 2012


In honor of Vietnam’s Year of Traffic Safety, District 9’s Department of Education and Training collaborated with AIP Foundation to run a Traffic Safety Camp for four of the district’s primary schools: Phuoc Long, Phuoc Thanh, Nguyen Minh Quang, and Truong Van Thanh. The camp was sponsored by Intel Products Vietnam.

Throughout the activities, pedestrian, road, and helmet safety lessons were repeated and encouraged with the aim of making this knowledge second nature to this generation. This was also an opportunity for students from AIP Foundation’s school-based programs to meet each other as well as 300 Intel volunteers, and talk about traffic safety.

The Intel volunteers played with the children, starting with decorating tents and making signs bearing road safety messages. Another activity involved shaping sand into various road related scenes or objects. The children loved the Green Bamboo game show, as well as the songs, fashion shows and dances featuring their fellow students. The children left with a vivid image of the adventure and excitement that they could experience, as long as they remained safe about protecting themselves and their friends.

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