A parade in District 9 celebrates the Year of Traffic Safety

March 10, 2012


On March 10th, a parade of hundreds of people marched through Ho Chi Minh City’s District 9, showing their support of a year dedicated to road safety—and demanding safer roads for their communities. 2012 was declared Year of Traffic Safety by the Vietnamese government, and District 9’s local government collaborated with AIP Foundation to play an active role in the initiative by organizing this parade.

The parade brought together hundreds of people showing their support and demanding unified action: People’s Committee members, the Bureau of Education and Training, the women and youth associations of District 9, and hundreds of parents, teachers, and students. 500 t-shirts bore the phrase “District 9 supports Traffic Safety Year 2012” and the national child helmet campaign logo. Banners and slogans also broadcasted urgent road safety messages.

Accompanied by 40 motorbikes and several trucks, the parade walked past the Ha Noi Highway, Thu Duc Crossroads, Le Van Viet Road, and arrived at the Children House. Local traffic police ensured a safe and smoothly run event.


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