A local program with a global message: School zone modifications completed at 29 schools in our model city for school zone safety

December 31, 2021

PLEIKU CITY, Vietnam – December 31, 2021

Our Slow Zones, Safe Zones story began at two pilot schools, where we started advocating for a scale-up and achieved an important milestone in August 2020. The government in Gia Lai Province announced that it would set a new speed limit of 30-40km/h at all schools in the city during drop-off and pick-up times, and the Pleiku City Government allocated city funds to improve the infrastructure at all schools in Pleiku, prioritizing primary schools. As the 2021 year comes to an end, so does Phase II of the program and the completion of school zone modifications at 29 primary schools in the city.

The modifications at school zones around Pleiku will have a life-saving impact on the students, parents, teachers, and the community that travel to and from school daily. In addition, Pleiku City is the first city in the country to apply speed limits of 30-40 km/h for school zones, including Slow Zones, Safe Zones 29 target primary schools. The modifications include new pedestrian crossings, new pavements, steel railings to separate the footpath and the parking area for parents as well as road signs marking the speed limits and school zones.

The improved sidewalks also encourage families to walk and ride their bicycles to school, paving the way for healthier and greener transportation. For all students across Pleiku city, these modifications will not only safeguard them on their commutes to school but will also ensure that all students have safe and equal access to their education.

The overall purpose of the Slow Zones, Safe Zones program is to reduce road crash injuries and fatalities in school zones. Phase I in Pleiku City demonstrated that the road environment became safer for students commuting to and from school through reduced speed limits in school zones, the development and pilot of the e-curriculum, and public awareness campaigns combined with advocating for legislative changes. The Slow Zones, Safe Zones program is supported by Fondation Botnar, Global Road Safety Partnership, iRAP, and the FIA.

As a scale-up of the Slow Zones, Safe Zones program in Pleiky City, we signed a national partnership framework. It will be implemented nationwide, with the Ministry of Transport, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to protecting children on the roads and making Pleiku City a model city for safe school zones across Vietnam.

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