Eighty-eight students recognized as Road Safety Ambassadors

March 15, 2016

Student ambassadors take part in a presentation during the recognition ceremony.
Student ambassadors perform on stage for a road-safety-themed competition during the ceremony.

AIP Foundation, in partnership with Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, organized an event to acknowledge the efforts of 88 student Road Safety Ambassadors in Thailand’s Songkhla Province. The ceremony is part of a broader Street Wise project aimed at increasing the awareness of road safety dangers and the fluency in preventative skills among Songkhla’s students.

At the event, there was a presentation on the achievements of Street Wise in 2015 to the gathered stakeholders in efforts to receive feedback and recommendations for the future success of its programming. In addition, the recognition ceremony honored 88 students who had chosen to become Road Safety Ambassadors at five schools in Singhanakhon District. These student leaders help cultivate familiarity with road safety tools among their peers and community members and play an integral part in the Street Wise goals. A road safety-themed contest was included in the activities of the day to further engage these students.

From an initial rate of only 3% of students wearing helmets prior to implementation of Street Wise, the latest monitoring has shown that 33% of students are now wearing helmets in Singhanakhon District.

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