AIP Foundation promotes data-driven road safety approaches in Southeast Asia at the Safety 2018 World Conference

November 7, 2018

AIP Thailand Chairperson Ratanawadee Winther CEO Mirjam Sidik

Earlier this month, AIP Foundation gave presentations at the Safety 2018 World Conference in Bangkok. CEO Mirjam Sidik presented on our Vietnam pedestrian safety program Walk This Way and the work being done to help students get safely to school. Thailand Chairperson Ratana H. Winther presented on the successes of our Street Wise program in Thailand and Cambodia Country Director Pagna Kim presented on the work done by our Safety Delivered program to reduce distracted driving among young drivers.

All three presentations were preceded by abstracts which were published in Injury Prevention (British Medical Journal). Additionally, AIP Foundation was selected as a finalist for the 2018 International Safety Media Awards for our “Tell Auntie Pia” video campaign done in Thailand.

Please see more photos from the event here.

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