Helmet education event supports China’s National Road Safety Day

December 2, 2015

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Quality helmets are distributed to attendees to encourage helmet use and to keep motorcyclists safe

December 2nd is the fourth annual China National Road Safety Day. This year the theme of the road safety day is “Driving safely, be away of danger driving”. To advocate the road safety of safe driving, Walk Wise project worked with Kai County Traffic Police Department on the topic of quality helmet use of motorcycles drivers.

To prepare the activity of National Road safety day, 150 motorcycles drivers were surveyed by volunteers organized by China team. Through this survey, we found that most drivers used the under quality helmets which are widely used in factories. This is a big threat to road safety.

On the National Road Safety Day, we worked with traffic police department to organize the advocate event. We prepared 15 questions for participants to answer and hand out 15 helmets for gifts. To motivate the motorcycles drivers to use the helmet, we had an introduction of how to wear helmet correctly.

After that, we organized a small exhibition of different helmets and explained the use of them. In the last session of this event, we handed out 130 helmets and registered the information of drivers which we will use to follow up in the next step.

Over 300 people participated this event and 3 government departments related to traffic safety were involved in this event. 10 volunteers from the youth league helped to organize this event.

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