AIP Foundation attends Ford Driving Skills for Life 2015 kick-off

April 21, 2015

AIP Foundation President Mr. Greig Craft speaks at the launch of DSFL 2015

AIP Foundation attended Ford Driving Skills for Life 2015 kick-off press conference event on April 21, launching its 8th year. The event included a training course for driving instructors from all Ford dealers in Vietnam led by two driving instructors from Ford US.

Attendees included Ford Vietnam Ford Asia Pacific representatives; 2 U.S. trainers; Vice Chairman of National Traffic Safety Committee, Dr. Khuat Viet Hung; Vice Ambassador of US Embassy; Director of Voice of Vietnam; student’s representative from five Universities in Hanoi; and 50 media. Ford highlighted AIP Foundation’s contribution to traffic safety issues in Vietnam.

This year, the programe aims to train a total of 1,500 drivers in seven cities and provinces. At the end of 2015, the program will have trained 10,000 drivers in its eight years of running.

Ford Vietnam will cooperate with Universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city to organize classes that teach basic driving safety knowledge to students.  The ‘No Honking’ program will be developed in order to create a safer and calmer traffic environment.

Ford will continue partnering with the National Traffic Safety Committee, AIP Foundation, and Voice of Vietnam traffic radio station for the 2015 DSFL program.

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