300 students continue to receive road safety lessons during their summer vacation

July 28, 2017

300 students receive road safety lessons through Helmets for Families July 2017
A traffic officer teaches a student at Kessararam Primary School how to properly put on a helmet.

Helmets for Families, a program supported by Manulife Cambodia, kept busy during the summer vacation at Kessararam Primary School with interactive, police led road safety lessons for students as well as community outreach activities to promote helmet use and road safety. Manulife volunteers teamed up with traffic police from Siem Reap to lead road safety lessons for 300 students from Kessararam Primary School. The students reinforced what they learned through interactive games, including a painting contest, a bicycle race, and a quiz of road safety questions.

As part of Helmets for Families programming, volunteers from the Young Ambassadors for Road Safety (YARS) network and from local universities did outreach in the community surrounding Kessararam Primary School. The volunteers distributed educational materials on the importance of helmet use as well as safe driving and road behavior. One thousand leaflets were placed in strategic high-volume centers to encourage the community to wear helmets.

Manulife Cambodia has supported the Helmets for Families program since 2012. Throughout its tenure, in addition to equipping school children with life-saving road safety knowledge and skills, the program has provided nearly 4,000 helmets to some of the country’s most vulnerable road users.

View additional photos from the activities here.

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