200 teachers and parents inspired to encourage children helmet use in Ho Chi Minh city through Safety Delivered

November 10, 2019

2 November 2019 – 10 November 2019 

During the first week of November, the Safety Delivered 2019-2020 program in Vietnam held three teacher training workshops for a total of 200 parents and teachers across three project schools in Go Vap District, District 12, and Can Gio Ward in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with the aim of encouraging child helmet use and empowering teachers to serve as positive role models for the students.

At the training sessions, parents and teachers were first informed of the road crash crisis in Vietnam to emphasize the importance of road safety education for young children. The participants were then trained on proper helmet wearing technique, including how to ensure a helmet fits properly and how to correctly wear and adjust the chin strap. Following the helmet training, teachers were encouraged to share their own experiences and challenges in discussing helmet safety with students. Through the workshops, both teachers and parents received the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers on effectively communicating the importance of helmet wearing to students, and were equipped with proper helmet safety methods and techniques. 

The Safety Delivered program is supported by The UPS Foundation and aims to increase helmet wearing rates in high-risk areas through school-based education, public awareness campaigns, and advocacy. 

Supported by The UPS Foundation, the Safety Delivered program aims to increase child helmet wearing rates and reduce youth distracted driving behavior through school-based education, public awareness campaigns, and advocacy in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and India. 

See more photos from the workshops here. 

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