1,800 reflective caps donated to 18 schools in China

December 23, 2013

Walking School Bus - Qili
On December 22nd, AIP Foundation and Chevron distributed 1,800 reflective yellow caps to students of 18 primary schools in Sichuan province to increase their visibility as pedestrians. The donation was made as part of a Walk Wise project community event which aimed to promote pedestrian safety awareness in the greater community. More than 1,000 students, parents, and teachers attended the event along with Chevron volunteers and representatives from the department of education and the Giaoqiao government.

After the event, a Walking School Bus was launched at Qili Primary School following a successful pilot at Giaoqiao Primary School earlier this month. Guests from the community event were invited to participate in the Walking School Bus and to help guide the children on their way home. Qili Primary School will continue to operate the Walking School Bus with support from the local community.


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