1,500 high-quality helmets donated to primary school near busy Vietnamese national highway

October 23, 2017

AIP and JnJ sponsor introduced 03 correct helmet-wearing steps Helmets for Kids October 2017
Mr. Nguyen Quang Trung, Government Affairs Director for Johnson & Johnson Vietnam, and Samantha Serafica of AIP Foundation demonstrate the correct helmet-wearing steps for the students.

Helmets for Kids expanded its road safety education efforts to Yen Bai Province today and donated 1,500 high-quality helmets to the school community. The program, which is supported by Johnson & Johnson, celebrated the launch of its sixth year with a ceremony at Au Lau Primary School in Yen Bai Province that was attended by over 400 students, teachers, and staff. All six of the new program schools in Yen Bai Province are located in high-risk and traffic dense areas along National Highways no. 37 and 32C. Pre-implementation surveys revealed that the average student helmet-use rate at these schools is only 31% and the majority of helmets are substandard. In addition to donating helmets, the program provides students with education and activities, such as traffic simulations and road awareness training. Teacher trainings occurred in May of this year in all three provinces of the program.

Helmets for Kids will also continue its programming in Gia Lai and Quang Nam Provinces, providing 20 primary schools in the three provinces with 5,100 quality helmets and road safety education throughout the current school year. Over the past five years, Johnson & Johnson has donated more than 45,000 helmets to children through the Helmets for Kids program.

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