140 teachers trained on new traffic safety e-curriculum with Slow Zones, Safe Zones

December 8, 2019

7-8 December, 2019 – Pleiku City, Vietnam

AIP Foundation has been developing an innovative “e-curriculum” on traffic safety for primary school students as part of the Slow Zones, Safe Zones program, supported by Fondation Botnar and managed by the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP).The e-curriculum features interactive videos, games, activities, designed to teach students life-saving skills related to safer road behaviors, including speed reduction, a key component of the e-curriculum’s messaging.

To train teachers on using the e-curriculum application and content effectively with their students, AIP Foundation coordinated a two-day training session with more than 140 teachers from two project schools in the Slow Zones, Safe Zones program. Mrs. Oanh Trinh, Road Safety Specialist from GRSP and Mrs. Ha Nguyen, member of the editorial board responsible for e-curriculum development, conducted the training and worked with core teacher representatives from 31 schools in Pleiku City, local authorities, and members from the director board. For the training session, teachers also learned to use the application effectively by conducting practice class lessons in groups and demonstrating how they would teach the content in a classroom setting. 

Following this training, the traffic safety e-curriculum will be piloted in two project schools, Nguyen Luong Bang Primary School and Phan Dang Luu Primary School, in February 2020. The primary schools will be equipped with ten televisions, five at each of the program schools, to support the pilot of the e-curriculum application. 

The traffic safety e-curriculum was designed with feedback from young people, and utilizes a student-centered approach to road safety education. The traffic safety e-curriculum includes the following ten lessons: 

  • The Road to School
  • Safe Walking and Crossing
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Car Safety
  • Bus and Train Safety
  • Boat Safety
  • Avoiding Road Crashes
  • Road Crash Consequences
  • Road Signs

See more photos of the teacher training here.

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